ISOHEALTH Random BJJ Tip: #1 Looking After Your Gi

Apr 11th


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Hi Guys, we sell a lot of BJJ Gi’s at our academy and most people like to keep their gi in good condition so here are the tips we give to help keep your investment in good condition. If you don’t want your gi to fade then:

  1. Before you wear or wash it for the first time make sure you soak your new Gi in a bathtub with 3 cups of white vinegar added to the water. Soak it for a half hour or so.  Adding salt to the water can also help secure the colour in your gi.
  2. When you hang your Gi on the clothes line turn it inside out so that the sun doesn’t fade your gi. You could also hang it in the shade or inside your house on a clothes horse if you don’t need it to dry in a hurry.
  3. Make sure you wash your Gi after EVERY training session!  I’ve seen some websites that advise against washing your Gi every session because they say that washing it every day could make your Gi wear out quickly. So what!  Wash it every session because otherwise you are just a gross training partner.  If I was to see or smell one of my students with a dirty Gi then I would be an unhappy coach.

I know the above ideas may sound simple but lots of people have expressed their surprise when I suggest they hang their Gi inside out or do the colour setting with the vinegar.
Happy Training,
Matt : )

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