What is MMA-Standup?

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)-Standup is a discipline that involves striking and grappling both standing and on the ground. It is a mixture of many disciplines including Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ), wrestling, boxing, Muay Thai and so on. Whether you choose to develop these skills to enhance your self defence proficiency or skills for competition, ISOHEALTH MMA-Standup classes can assist you in achieving your goals.


What are the benefits of training MMA-Standup?

There are many benefits to training in ISOHEALTH’s MMA-Standup classes including:

  • Learning how to strike and work from the clinch effectively (using punches, kicks, knees, dirty boxing, takedowns);
  • Developing skills beneficial for self defence;
  • Improving your fitness and cardiovascular health; and
  • Increasing your confidence and relieve stress.


How are the MMA-Standup classes run?

Our MMA-Standup classes cover striking, clinch, takedowns and self-defence techniques. Generally the classes run as follows: warm-up, technique and finish with drilling and/or sparring (for those with a reasonable level of striking skills).

To build a well-rounded MMA fighting style, we recommend that students regularly train a mixture of our BJJ and MMA-Standup classes. These two classes help to build the fundamental skills in the standing and ground aspects of MMA and we then augment these skills with specific drills and sparring that is allocated to each student based on their needs, strengths, weaknesses and goals.


Can I compete in MMA or other striking arts?

We do provide our members with the option to compete in MMA or other striking arts, however we do require our fighters to undergo many hours of solid and dedicated training in preparation to safely compete in MMA/San Shou/Kickboxing. ISOHEALTH Head Coach Matt Jones oversees all of our fighters training programs.
ISOHEALTH is one of Adelaide’s top MMA gyms and has a solid track record in producing successful MMA fighters. Numerous ISOHEALTH fighters have gone on to win on both the local Adelaide MMA circuit and the interstate MMA scene, with fighters taking 2 x Fight of the Night Awards and 1 x Submission of the Night Award.


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