Fitness, Strength & Conditioning


ISOHEALTH’s Fitness, Strength & Conditioning services come with over 18 years of experience delivering programs for everyone from Olympic athletes to back rehab clients and everyone in between. If you are looking at improving your fitness, building strength or looking at beating your back pain once and for all, ISOHEALTH is the place for you.

ISOHEALTH’s Fitness, Strength & Conditioning services specialise in three main areas:
Strength & Conditioning, Back Care and Fitness.


Our Fitness, Strength & Conditioning services have been used by:

  • Elite athletes and sports team (including elite athletes in preparation for the Sydney 2000 Olympics
  • Amateur athletes;
  • Surgeons and other healthcare professionals;
  • Police officers;
  • CEOs and various oganisations throughout Australia.

Many members of ISOHEALTH’s martial arts team also benefit from our Fitness, Strength & Conditioning services including access to our in-house Strength & Conditioning facility. This is a level of experience, service and expertise that places us in a rather distinguished category.

Our Fitness, Strength & Conditioning and Back Care services are offered in the following formats:

  • Private & Small Group Lessons (i.e. Personal Training);
  • Seminars & Consulting;
  • Access to ISOHEALTH’s Strength & Conditioning facility for ISOHEALTH members; and
  • Gym Design.

Various individuals, sports teams and organisations engage ISOHEALTH to deliver training and program design outside of ISOHEALTH. This may include seminars in various parts of Australia, “train the trainer mentoring” and program design.

ISOHEALTH Head Coach, Matt Jones has also designed private Strength & Conditioning facilities for elite sports teams across Australia and overseas. For more information on facility design and consulting please email ISOHEALTH, [email protected].

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