Back Care & Posture


Back Care & Posture Program

At ISOHEALTH, our Back Care and Posture method is something that our Head Coach, Matt Jones, has developed over 20 years of Strength & Conditioning experience. He has treated a range of people including clients with persistent back pain, patients who have recently undergone spinal surgery, even training multiple elite athletes to build strong, healthy backs.
With his expertise and track record in spinal rehabilitation, Matt served as the Strength & Conditioning Specialist at The International Spine Centre (ISC) for 3 years. ISC is an international Neurosurgery and Spinal Clinic based in Wakefield Hospital, Adelaide, and led by Spinal Surgeon and Neurosurgeon, Dr YH Yau.
After Matt’s decision to focus more on his own business, he now runs his spine rehab and strength & conditioning out of ISOHEALTH.
For more information on Matt and his ‘Jones Spine Method’ please head to Matt Jones Strength & Conditioning.

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