Ask an Expert: Is it possible to overtrain mentally?

Is mental overtraining holding you back?

Ask an Expert: Home Gym Essentials

Matt Jones lists the essential items you need in your home gym

Ask an Expert: Resistance is Fruitful

ISOHEALTH Head Coach discussed what is worse for the body, excessively repetitive movement, or excess heavy lifting?

Injury Proof

ISOHEALTH’s Head Coach offers some exercises to stave off injury and what to do if an injury does come your way.

Ask an Expert: Dealing with Office Assault

Matt Jones discusses how to defend yourself from the office bully

Stretch for Success

Flexibility can be a confusing subject. Here in this article Matt Jones runs through explanations and descriptions of some of the key stretches he advocates for both health and performance
Multiple opponents

Defence against Multiple Opponents

Matt Jones appeared in Blitz Instructor’s Special Collectors Edition to provide some valuable information on multiple opponent strategies
Power up your punch

Power up your Punch

If you want a workout that will get you strong and fit but doesn’t require lots of expensive equipment then look no further. Power Up Your Punch has everything from Tyre Flipping to Sandbag Throwing!
The Weight Debate: Weight Versus Body Weight-Training – Which Works Best?

Blitz fitness expert Matt Jones weighs in to settle the argument once and for all.

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Clubbell Feature, Combat Clubs

For all of you who have questions about Clubbells, you’ll find your answers here. What they are, how they fit into your training, all those questions and more are answered in this article!

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From Combat Sport to Street Fight (Part 4)

Matt Jones explains how you can bridge the gap between art or sport and real survival skills. In this final installment, he shows you some effective ways to train for impact-weapon attacks.
killer grip

Killer Grip

Grip strength exercises using simple equipment which is available is most gyms, can be made at home or bought cheaply.
The Secrets to Better Kicking (Part 1)

Kicking better isn’t just about adding a few more kilograms to your squats and deadlifts, read on and gain a balanced perspective. Part 2 coming soon.

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Training at Jeet Kune Unlimited MMA

This article gives insight into a training session at Burton Richardson’s JKD Unlimited High Performance Mixed Martial Arts in Hawaii. If you want to get an idea of what you could expect from training with Burton at JKDU then take a glimpse.
The Absolute Best Interval Timer

Interval training usually requires some sort of precision timing device, read on to find out how to make the best timer ever (and the best part is you can do it yourself)!
How to Get Started in CST and Clubbells

In response to a question we were sent, I have developed this article on how to get started with CST and Clubbells, what they are, who should use them and why.
A New Reality

A New Reality

Matt Jones ventures from Adelaide Australia to Los Angeles California to train 1-on-1 with Jim Wagner, founder of Reality-Based Personal Protection (RBPP). Pepper Spray, pellet guns and a dungeon like gym are all part of the fun!
A Bag Full of Power

A Bag Full of Power

The humble punching bag is a great piece of gear but it can be used for much more than just taking a hit. Read on to find out how you can perform a very effective whole body workout with your humble punching bag
Getting the Edge

Getting the Edge

ISOHEALTH’s Matt Jones reviews some training equipment for Blitz Magazine. Kettlebells, Powerball and Stretch Cords/Bands
Run For Your Life

Many people use running as an integral part of their conditioning program, and for those who train for self-defence, it should be doubly important. The interval programs in this article can even be used for other activities such as cycling, versaclimber and more. Get fit and burn fat, read on to learn of some great workouts you can use to put a spring in your step.

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