Private Lessons


Private Lessons – One-on-One & Small Groups

There are many reasons an individual, a couple or a small group may opt for private lessons. Maybe you want have some extra time to focus on certain aspects of your training, maybe you are keen to get in some lessons outside of our regular class schedule or maybe you just really love the idea of having some time where the session is all about you.¬†Whatever your reasons our staff at ISOHEALTH are ready assist you with private lessons where it’s all about you!
One of the great training options offered by ISOHEALTH is ‘Buddy System Pricing’. The great thing about this option is that it saves you dollars by reducing the hourly rate (if you split the session price with your buddy) and you also get the fun factor of training with a friend, family member or co-worker.
Often training with another person really helps to keep you motivated and you may even find time to pair up with each other for extra training outside of your sessions scheduled with ISOHEALTH.

1-Hour Private Lesson Rates


BJJ – Striking – S&C


Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

1 person = $95.00 1 person = $95.00
2 people = $95.00 2 people = $95.00
3 people = $105.00 3 people = $105.00
4 people = $115.00 4 people = $115.00
30 minutes = $65.00 30 minutes = $65.00



To enquire about booking private lessons at ISOHEALTH please email [email protected].

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