Our Philosophy

grappling takedown philosophy

At ISOHEALTH our philosophy and the culture of our team is very important to us. As part of the ISOHEALTH team, our team members are expected to embrace the following ISOHEALTH philosophies:

Positivity, Manners, Motivation:

These things are self explanatory and they are qualities that make everyone’s day a little nicer regardless of whether it be at ISOHEALTH or anywhere else. Eventually these qualities can become a habit and that’s where your training can really make a positive impact on all areas of one’s life.

Solid Fundamentals:

Solid fundamentals are the foundation of excellence and we believe that to be true whether it be on the grappling mat, striking, MMA, self defence or in the weights room. By placing an emphasis on solid fundamentals we help ALL of our members develop themselves to the best of their potential, regardless of their natural skill, size, strength or fitness level.

Everyone trains with everyone:

At ISOHEALTH everyone trains with everyone (allowing of course for differences that may impact on safety). No team member is above training with any other team member. The elite competitors will support the newer team members and the newer team members will support the more experienced team members. By working together and always sharing our time, knowledge, effort, experience, successes and mistakes our team members grow much faster than if they were to keep these things to themselves.
There you have it, nothing unreasonable, nothing unattainable. Train with everyone in your team, be positive, be polite and help motivate your team mates/training partners. If that sounds good to you then we would love to see you!

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