Women's Only Self Defence

ISOHEALTH runs two programs for women who are interested in learning self defence in a female only environment:

Our Women’s Only Self Defence & BJJ program teaches women how to keep safe in any situation. We feel it is vitally important to not only teach the physical side of self defence but also for our female students to understand the theoretical or ‘awareness’ side thoroughly as well. Far too often victims can end up in a physical altercation which could have been avoided if only they had the knowledge and awareness to get themselves out of danger before it does turn physical. We also teach all of our techniques against resistance, ensuring that you can confidently and effectively use our techniques against a real attacker and this also helps to familiarise our students with the level of force and resistance involved in a real-life self defence situation. Our priority is to give you the tools you need to stay safe in whatever self defence scenario that life throws at you!
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Women’s Only Introduction to Self Defence

Based on ISOHEALTH’s Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and self defence curriculum, this one-day Women’s Only Introduction to Self Defence Course discusses and explores theories of awareness and preparedness in self defence situations. The course also takes participants through some basic, yet essential, physical movements and techniques to counter common attacks which may arise in a self defence situation. This course is recommended for those wanting to learn a solid, fundamental base of self-defence and self-defence theory. Bookings are essential.

Upcoming Dates:


Sunday November 17th 2019: 10:30am – 5:30pm

$125 per person. Refreshments provided.
To register your interest in our courses, please email [email protected]

Weekly Women’s Only Drills & Open Mat Class

The Women’s Only Drills & Open Mat is a one-hour long class is held every Sunday from 3:00pm-4:00pm at our Adelaide gym. These sessions incorporate self defence scenario training along with 30+ minutes of free training, giving women opportunities to roll, drill or ask questions in a female only environment.
$18 per session (this class is also included in our Unlimited Membership and Day Membership).

Private training sessions and corporate seminars are also available by arrangement