South Australian BJJ Titles, August 2008 – Adelaide, South Australia

Aug 31st


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Congratulations to all those who participated and a big thanks to everyone who came along to support the guys competing. Every participant fought really well and we saw a terrific display of both ground work and clinching. It was great to see everyone push the action with a lot of great takedowns, transitions and submissions. Above all we were extremely proud to see everyone compete so intensely while displaying the highest level of sportsmanship.
We only had 7 guys enter but 4 of them came home with medals so that was truly awesome. The results were:

  • Silver: Lachy C (67-73kg)
  • Silver: Wes Powell (79-85kg)
  • Bronze: Alan K (49-67kg)
  • Bronze: Kieran Van Blyenburgh (85-91kg)

Gordon, Tristan and Andrew all fought really well but each one was only just edged out by their opponents. They fought great and we’re really proud of all of them.
Gordon having his hand raised after winning his first match in Melbourne
Gordo won a couple more matches without dropping a single point but was dealt his first & only loss by his fellow ISOHEALTH team mate (Tristan) in the quarter final. All 3 of our lightweights finished in the final 8 out of 40 competitors. Great job guys!!! The rest of the results are to come…
We also want to thank all the people who came long to lend their support to our guys, it was an awesome turn out with about 20 people there supporting our Team ISOHEALTH competitors so once again THANK YOU!!!

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