San Shou, September 2008 – Adelaide, South Australia

Sep 5th


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South Australia held its first San Shou event recently in Adelaide.
One of our guys, Dom Liddle, fought in the event supported by crew from ISOHEALTH – his coach Matt Jones and his two cornermen Nathan Maddigan and Nae Semmens. The fight night was good, Dom fought really well and the result was actually a draw which was an accurate reflection of the intensity of his bout! Our boy Dom’s fight was the co-main event but the undercard was still a terrific series of matches too! The draw was a fair decision so we were all very happy with the way the night went.
The hardest thing was that we’d been training Dom for an MMA/San Shou style stand-up fight which with rules allowing takedowns, knees to the body and head and lots of clinching but less than 24 hrs before the fight we were told it would be changed to straight international kickboxing rules which mean’t he was only allowed to punch and kick thus half his game (i.e. takedowns and clinch) was now thrown out. Despite the weird turn of events he still did great and to draw with his opponent who was a kickboxing specialist.
Well done Dom!

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