Rodrigo Gracie Interview Part 1 & 2

Jan 4th


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Hi Guys,

I’ve finally managed to salvage this footage off my old PC so here are Parts 1 & 2 of a great interview with Rodrigo Gracie. Rodrigo is a former ADCC World Champ, and verteran of Pride and K1. In the interview we talk about a range of topics including his times at Renzo’s academy (Rodrigo was part of a super tough group at Renzo’s which at that time included Rodrigo, Almeida, Roger Gracie and many other grappling and MMA stars) and the Gracie family motivation to provide hope for the average person in regards to defending oneself. Rodrigo is more than just a great fighter and coach, he is one of my coaches and one of my friends, I hope you enjoy the interview.

Matt : )

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