Pan-Pacific Championships, September 2011

Sep 16th


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The 2011 AFBJJ Pan-Pacific Championships were a great bunch of days, plenty of great Jiu-Jitsu and plenty of great fun amongst our own ISOHEALTH team and amongst the many other great people present. We were really pleased with our results and also really pleased to make many new friends. ISOHEALTH team members who went on to medal include:

  • Ray Lawley-Sinclair: Gold, Adult Blue Belt, U61kg NoGi
  • Ray Lawley-Sinclair: Bronze, Adult Blue Belt, U61kg Gi
  • Nae Semmens: Silver, Masters Blue Belt, U85kg Gi
  • Dominique Liddle: Gold, Masters Blue Belt, Open Weight NoGi
  • Nathan McIntyre: Bronze, Masters Blue Belt, Open Weight NoGi
  • Dominique Liddle: Silver, Masters Blue Belt, 97+ Gi
  • Dominique Liddle: Gold, Masters Blue Belt, 97+ NoGi
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