Matt Jones: From Broken Neck to BJJ Coach

Sep 29th


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At age 15, ISOHEALTH Head Coach Matt Jones broke his neck in an horrific BMX racing accident. He awoke in hospital with no memory of the crash or the weeks prior, at that point the doctors didn’t know whether he would ever walk or move his arms again. The risk and fear of permanent brain damage was also very real. Luckily for Matt his spinal cord was intact and the swelling in his skull reduced. Surgeons performed a bone graft and inserted a metal plate into his neck and the surgery was a great success. The months of lying flat on his back unable to move left Matt’s body weak but in time he bounced back and this video shows how Matt has rehabilitated himself from the accident to today, his journey to becoming a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu brown-belt and ISOHEALTH’s Head Coach.

Special thanks to our friend (and ISOHEALTH team member) Wael for putting this video together!

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