Kyoshi MMA, July 2011

Jul 24th


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This was a big weekend for ISOHEALTH’s Mike Lim as he stepped into the cage in NSW for his first ever A-Class MMA fight. This marked a series of “firsts” for Mikey and for ISOHEALTH.

  • This was Mikey’s first MMA fight under full MMA rules (ie including ground and pound, no head gear etc). Adelaide MMA rules are currently restricted to C-class meaning no strikes are allowed on the ground and some fights also require head gear;
  • This was also Mikey’s first MMA fight inside a cage as the cage is not yet allowed in sanctioned South Australian MMA bouts; and
  • This was also Mikey’s first interstate fight.

In light of all these “firsts” it is all the more impressive to see how well Mikey performed, in fact saying he performed well is an understatement! Mikey won his fight in approximately 1 minute and 45 seconds with a triangle choke from the guard. Mikey had actually dropped his opponent already with a head kick but being the great guy that he is he hesitated when he saw how rocked his opponent was when the opponent fell to the floor. Mikey’s opponent then shot for Mikey’s leg and managed to take him down. Thankfully Mikey’s prowess as a multiple time South Australian BJJ State Champion served him well as he rapidly transitioned into the triangle for the submission win. Mikey’s opponent pulled up fairly well after the fight as did Mikey so it was great to see both guys finished the night in good health all things considered. All in all it was a great weekend!
– Put a link to footage of Lim’s fight
I’d like give a special thank you to my BJJ coach Tiago “Tutuba” Ferreira of Gracie Central Coast/Gracie Shark Team/Gracie Sydney ( for allowing me to use his gym to run Mikey through a couple of light prep sessions in the day prior to the bout. These kind of things are so valued and having a “home away from home” is something that makes a trip like this so much more enjoyable! Thanks Tiago and congratulations Mikey!

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