ISOHEALTH take gold @ FIVE Grappling Nevada 1 Open Championship

Mar 30th


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Three of our ISOHEALTH team members, Craig Jones, Lachlan Warne and Harry Caldow, competed in the FIVE Grappling Nevada 1 Open Championships at The Sports Center of Las Vegas on March 29th. The Adelaide boys took home 4 Gold and 3 Silver, closing out the bracket in Open Weight NoGi and their Weight Division NoGi, managing to take out 7th Place in the Adult Team Results! Terrific work guys!!!

Harry Caldow (Adult Blue Belt):

  • Gold (Weight – NoGi)
  • Silver (Weight – Gi)

Lachlan Warne (Adult Purple Belt):

  • Gold (Weight – NoGi)
  • Silver (Open – NoGi)

Craig Jones (Adult Purple Belt):

  • Gold (Open – NoGi)
  • Gold (Weight – Gi)
  • Silver (Weight – NoGi)
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