Firestorm 5, June 2011

Jun 4th


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Firestorm 5 rolled around pretty quickly or at least it sure felt like that with everything that’s been going on lately, definitely a busy year! For this event we weren’t able to get match ups for all of our fighters that were hoping to be on the show but we did end up with fights for 3 of our guys. Even those 3 didn’t have an easy time getting a match up but due to their willingness to concede a lot of weight and a lot of experience to their opponent’s Mikey, Adam and Lachy managed to secure bouts. Mikey was looking for a 57kg MMA fight but ended up with the only available option being a San-Shou fight (full contact kickboxing with takedowns but no ground work) against a tough interstate Muay Thai fighter who weighed in at least 5 or 6kg heavier than Mikey. Mikey is however super keen and he accepted the fight just so he could get some more experience. Well I think he was probably glad he did because he ended up winning his bout on the main card in spectacular fashion earning the Fighter of the Night Award! This was a truly spectacular achievement when you consider that he was giving away so much weight, fighting out of his preferred ruleset and was on a huge card with 35 other fighters! Amazing job Mikey, we are all super proud of you mate, you did ISOHEALTH, Adelaide and South Australia to secure a win against such a game New South Welshman! Mikey is definitely starting to draw some attention not just in the Adelaide MMA scene but also interstate as he puts out these amazing performances.
ISOHEALTH’s Adam J took a San-Shou fight against the very game Peter from Young Lions and it was a close battle the whole way through with nobody sure which way the judges were going to go and many folks figuring a draw was on the cards. In the end the decision went Peter and while Adam was disappointed he will back smarter and better in the future.
Lachy C from ISOHEALTH has been keen to make his MMA debut for a while but on the last show he ended up with no opponent as his original opponent and the alternates all had major injuries in the lead up leaving Lachy all dressed with nowhere to go. Well the situation was looking similar for Firestorm 5 until the very experienced Brad Murray put his name forward. Brad has a ton of boxing experience in boxing and also won his last Professional MMA fight by Knockout so Lachy was stepping into very deep water in facing Brad. The thing is, Lachy was just itching to get a fight and the very fact that Brad is so much more experienced meant Lachy had nothing to lose and everything to gain. Brad won by decision but not before Lachy came super close on a couple of terrific armbar attempts. The fight was a classic strikes versus grappler with Brad doing everything possible to avoid the deadly ground game of Lachy and Lachy doing everything possible to avoid the deadly standup game of Brad.
– Put a link to footage of Lim’s fight
All in all it was a very exciting night and while our ISOHEALTH team sustained it’s first losses we also took our first “Fighter of the Night Award” with Mikey’s great performance and Adam and Lachy certainly fought very hard and very well. Great job guys, time for MMA Down Under 2 which is just around the corner!

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