Firestorm 4, October 2010

Oct 25th


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Dragon’s Breath Firestorm 4 is something that many of us at ISOHEALTH have been looking forward to for quite sometime. It is one of the main events of the Adelaide MMA scene and provides an opportunity for not just Adelaide MMA & Standup fighters to showcase their skills but also fighters from around Australia. The Firestorm card is a mixed card meaning there are bouts from all different styles with the one commonality being that they are all full-contact bouts. ISOHEALTH was part of the very first Firestorm event back in 2008 when our gentle giant Dom Liddle fought in the co-main event, Dom fought an absolute brawl of a fight under full-contact kickboxing rules against fellow Adelaide fighter Sean “Tex” Walker of Shidoshi martial arts. Well since that first ever Firestorm event other ISOHEALTH’ers have been itching to make their fight debut. Unfortunately for Firestorm 2 & 3 we couldn’t find match ups for our guys (opponents get injured and schedules clash with BJJ events etc) but finally things came together for Firestorm 4 and ISOHEALTH fielded 4 fighters for the evening with Ray Lawley-Sinclair, Mike Lim, Karlbridge and Dan Ffrench. Ray and Karl fought under San-Shou rules (full contact kickboxing with takedowns but no ground time) while Mike and Dan fought under C-class MMA rules.
First fighter into the ring was Ray. Ray won the first round 10-8 but unfortunately the at the end of Round 1 the fight had to be announced a “No-Contest” after the Doctor ruled Ray’s opponent out of coming out for Round 2 due to an accidental knee to the head from Ray’s last kick of Round 1. It was an unfortunate occurrence and clearly accidental (hence the ruling of “No-Contest” by way of unintentional foul). the most important thing is that nobody as badly injured and both Ray and his opponent had nothing but great vibes for each other both before and after the fight. Well the lead up to this event was still plagued with such obstacles but we did finally end up with match ups for a few of our guys and we ended up with a very exciting night!
Karl was next out for ISOHEALTH and fought his way to a very hotly contested draw! Here’s the amazing thing, Karl is a 40+ father of two who trains casually and jumped in on just 6 days notice because the promoter told us they were desperate to fill a space in a 79kg San-Shou fight. The promoter rang me when I was at ISOHEALTH teaching on Saturday to confirm some details and he mentioned how disappointed he was to lose a fight from the card in the SanShou section. He asked if I happened to have anyone who could jump in and upon explaining the situation to the guys Karl pipes with his brutal Pommy accent and says “Well, I was going to go there to watch anyhow, if I’m going to be there I may as well jump in”! Karl’s only request was that he hoped to fight early on the card so that he could watch the bouts of our guys who he was originally planning to see. This is all the more crazy when you realise that Karl had not trained for over a month and on 6 days notice he was happy to go in against a guy that had been preparing the whole time and was coming off the back of a fight just months before. Anyhow, we better not give Karl too much more props or we’ll never hear the end of it but the truth is he fought a terrific fight and ended up with a Draw which was a pretty fair decision and rewarded both Karl and his opponent Ken for their outstanding battle.
Mikey was out next in what was ISOHEALTH’s first ever MMA fight. Mikey struggled and struggled to find an opponent (Mikey only weighs 58kg) and in the end agreed to take a fight against his opponent Dragon who weighed in 7kg heavier than Mikey (Mike weighed in at 58kg and Dragon cut down to 65kg for the weigh in). Dragon is a super nice guy but looks every bit as scary as his name sounds. Dragon walks around at about 68kg and is ripped like a hero out of Japanese Manga! Mikey was amazing though and stuck to the gameplan perfectly to secure a crowd roaring 45 second submission victory!
Last fight for the ISOHEALTH’ers was an out battle between our boy Dan and his opponent Savas. The two guys went back and forth in a super close fight that could have gone a draw or either way but Dan was awarded the decision which gave him a win in his first ever fight.
– Put a link to footage of Lim’s fight
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It was a great night all round and it was a terrific night for ISOHEALTH as we came away with 2 wins, 1 draw and 1 no-contest out of the 4 appearances made by our guys. No time to relax though as there is always plenty happening and plenty more coming up!

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