BJJ Australian Champions Cup, 2009 – Adelaide, South Australia

Aug 23rd


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August 23rd marked a big day for Adelaide BJJ and ISOHEALTH as it was the first time the Australian Champions Cup was ever held in Adelaide and it was the first time ISOHEALTH members had competed in an Australian Championship! The day went well, the matches were exciting and ISOHEALTH had some excellent results, not least of which was having 4 Australian Champions emerge from the event and with those 4 Gold Medal we also captured 6 Silver and 1 Bronze! This result on the back of ISOHEALTH’s successes at the recent South Australian State Championships helps cement our place as arguably being one of Adelaide’s (and South Australia’s) leading BJJ clubs.
Only a small group from ISOHEALTH competed in the BJJ Australian Champions Cup but the great medal haul was as follows…

GOLD Lim, Mike Gi Weight Class
GOLD Jones, Craig NoGi Weight Class
GOLD Conway, Lachy NoGi Weight Class
GOLD Liddle, Dom Gi Weight Class
SILVER Lime, Mike NoGi Weight Class
SILVER Brown, Jamie Gi Weight Class
SILVER Brown, Jamie NoGi Weight Class
SILVER Semmens, Nae NoGi Weight Class
SILVER Semmens, Nae Gi Weight Class
SILVER Liddle, Dom NoGi Weight Class
BRONZE Conway, Lachy Gi Weight Class

Some of our fighters made their way to winning their Australian titles by taking every match by submission and all of them performed with great sportsmanship which is a given when representing the ISOHEALTH team.


We found a number of times where ISOHEALTH fighters came up against fighters from the same opposing teams in finals matches, namely we ran into the boys in red from Australian Elite Team a number of times and we found them to be a great bunch of guys with our two teams having a number of great back forth matches and flip flopping the results between gi and nogi (it’s always great to meet some friendly interstate teams and have some exciting matches full of great sportsmanship).
We had a couple of unfortunate situations where some of our more experienced ISOHEALTH team members were unable to compete due to injury and that is a real shame but I’m sure we’ll see more from those guys at the Pan-Pacs and of course next year at the South Australian Championships.


I must say that it was a really proud moment for me to see our humble ISOHEALTH team walk away with such great results. It’s all the more special given that this was our club’s first outing at the Australian Championships, combine that with the fact that we are still a self defence BJJ club as much as a competition one and it makes things all the more remarkable.
We look forward to more great competition outings but will always stay true to the notion of the self defence heritage of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.
See you at the next comp,
Matt 🙂

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