AFBJJ-SA Open, September 2010

Sep 20th


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The 2010 AFBJJ-SA Open marks the second of the AFBJJ-SA’s two scheduled events for the year. Our ISOHEALTH’ers were very excited about the event with many of our newer members itching to get out there on the competition mat. All of our ISOHEALTH’ers did great as always and apart from showing great sportsmanship they also did extremely well on the mat coming away with a great medal haul across the Adult and Masters divisions which tallied up to being 19 Gold Medals, 17 Silver Medals and 13 Bronze Medals. Great job guys! Probably the highlight of the day was seeing our little 57kg fighter RayRay win the Open Weight White Belt division, a great accomplishment for anyone but a truly incredible feat for a 57kg athlete. RayRay had to win 5 matches in a row to win the Open Weight title and of those 5 matches only one match lasted more than 60 seconds, incredible job RayRay!
Our ISOHEALTH’ers also managed to “close out the bracket” in a number of very competitive divisions such as Under 61, Under 85 and Under 91kg White Belt just to name a few. Unfortunately a number of our Blue Belts were unable to compete but our Blue Belts who were there still put in some great performances not least of which was Lachy taking Gold in the Under 85kg division after having just moved up a weight class. Amongst other noteworthy moments were the likes of ISOHEALTH’s quiet achiever Vas “Pappa G” nailed what many say was the most spectacular throw of the day and although I didn’t see it I did hear the HUGE thud. Adam M also nailed some great takedowns and I’m sure we’ll see more from him in the future. Perhaps one of the most spectacular matches of the day was when Darcy M put on an incredible display of sweeps with guard jumps and sweeps to mount that left even his ISOHEALTH team mates gob smacked!
Many of our first timers put in great performances with a number of them winning Gold, Silver and Bronze medals to go along with the medal winning performances of our more experienced competitors. The next thing on the Team ISOHEALTH competition calendar will be the fight night coming up in October where Ray, Dan and Lachy will be fighting. Ray will be fighting San Shou (full contact kickboxing with takedowns but no ground work) as we were unable to find an MMA fight for him. Dan and Lachy will make their MMA debut. Mikey was going to be fighting MMA on that same night but unfortunately his opponent has pulled out so fingers crossed the promoter will manage to find another opponent for Mikey and he will get his chance to jump in the ring and put all his hard work into play.
That’s it for now, after the MMA night Pan-Pacs are not far from there and a couple weeks later Luke will be at our gym to conduct a seminar and share in the fun of our end of year get together. It will be a blast!

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