2014 Aus Cup: ISOHEALTH Results

Aug 18th


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Four of our ISOHEALTH students competed in the 2014 AFBJJ Aus Cup at the Melbourne Aquatics Centre over the past three days, with excellent results. Craig and Lachy closed out both of their weight divisions (for Gold and Silver) with their first day of competition all wins by sub! Not to be outshone, Tom also won his Gold medal by submitting all of his opponents and Jordan took a very hard-earned silver! So proud of our guys representing ISOBJJ at on the National scene!

Tom Everett (Adult Male Novice)

  • Gold – 61kg NoGi
  • Silver – 61kg Gi
  • Silver – Open Weight NoGi

Jordan Crispin (Adult Male Blue)

  • Silver – 79kg NoGi
  • Silver – Open Weight NoGi

Lachlan Warne (Adult Male Purple)

  • Gold – 73kg NoGi
  • Silver – 73kg Gi

Craig Jones (Adult Male Purple)

  • Gold – Open Nogi
  • Gold – 73kg Gi
  • Silver – 73kg NoGi
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