2014 ADCC North American Nationals: ISOBJJ on the Podium

Apr 7th


CategoryPosted in BJJ

Today marked a huge day for our travelling ISOBJJ athletes & for Matt Jones, our ISOHEATH’s Head Coach! Lachlan Warne took Bronze in the Pro/Black Belt Open Weight NoGi division of the ADCC North American Nationals!!! Furthermore, both Lachy & Craig Jones also each took Bronze in their respective Pro/Blackbelt weight divisions in NoGi and each won Gold in both of their Purple Belt Gi weight divisions!!! As always Harry Caldow did us proud (yet again) taking Bronze in Blue Belt NoGi lightweight meaning he has made the podium in every division he’s entered since landing in the USA! Awesome doesn’t begin to describe it!!! Great job guys, our ISOHEALTH team back in Adelaide is very proud to have such champions on their team!!!

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