2013 Want Versus Need Jiu-Jitsu Battle, Los Angeles California, USA

Mar 30th


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Lachlan Warne awarded equal first in the Open Weight qualifier of Want vs Need Jiu-Jitsu Battle

Lachlan Warne (above) awarded equal first in the Blue-Belt Open Weight qualifier at 2013 Want vs Need Jiu-Jitsu Battle

A big congratulations goes to my main man and ISOHEALTH coach, Lachlan Warne, who just put in a fantastic performance in the qualifier of the Want Versus Need Jiu-Jitsu Battle in Los Angeles. The competition is invite only and is a showcase of up-and-coming Jiu-Jitsu talent. This submmission-only competition is a collaboration between Want Versus Need and Shoyoroll held at Fitnex Training, Lawndale CA.

From what Lachy told me it was a terrific event. If neither competitor managed to submit the other then both fighters were eliminated. Lachy did great and went on finish equal first in the Open Weight division which secured him with an invitation to the final Jiu-Jitsu later in the month. We are hoping he can stay an extra week in the US and compete because we know he would love the opportunity and we know he would do ISOHEALTH proud!

Massive thanks to Want Versus Need, Shoyoroll and Fitnex Training for putting on such a great event!

Check out video of Lachy’s Want Versus Need Jiu-Jitsu battles here.

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