2013 IBJJF San-Francisco International Open – Los Angeles California, USA

Feb 26th


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Wow! Three of our ISOHEALTH’ers are in San Francisco right now and they just competed in the IBJJF San Francisco International Open. The results were terrific! My student and little cousin Craig Jones took Gold in the Adult Under 79kg Purple Belt Division. Craig won all his matches by submission in about a minute per match so to say we were both pleased with his day on the mat would be an understatement. That makes ISOHEALTH’s first Gold Medal in IBJJF International competition. Lachy Warne also put in a great performance, he fought up a weight class and managed to take Bronze in the Adult Under 79kg Blue Belt division. Our boy Dylan Adams didn’t have as good a day as he hoped but he’s still got the Pan-American Championships to look forward to. Hang in there Dylan, we’re all right behind you mate!
– Craig Jones: Gold, Adult Purple Belt, Under 79kg
– Lachlan Warne: Bronze, Adult Blue Belt, Under 79kg

– Put a link to footage of one of Craig’s matches
– Put a link to footage of one of Lachy’s matches

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