2013 AFBJJ-SA State Championships – South Australia, Australia

Jun 30th


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L-R: Adam Jones, Craig Jones, Lachlan Warne - Gold for ISOHEALTH

L-R: Adam Jones, Craig Jones, Lachlan Warne – Gold for ISOHEALTH

The South Australian State Championships are always the biggest event on the Adelaide BJJ calendar. The event is run over two days to allow for a full day of competition in the Gi and a full day of competition in NoGi, each title holding just as much importance and prestige as the other to anyone who manages to secure that Gold Medal and the title of BJJ State Champion. The days are long but Sunday is a bit shorter due to there being no NoGi for the kids.
This year we moved from our old regular venue at ETSA Park to the Adelaide Arena. The new venue worked brilliantly and added an even better vibe to an already great event! The sportsmanship was excellent and proved testament to the quality and professionalism of Adelaide BJJ practitioners as well as the many interstate visitors who came over from various states to give our South Australian BJJ competitors a run for their money.
So how did our ISOHEALTH’ers go? Awesome! We could not be happier!!! ISOHEALTH athletes took out Gold Medals across the widest possible range of Adult Divisions with team members taking Gold in the lightest of Adult White Belt divisions (Under 61kg White Belt) to the heaviest of Adult Purple Belt divisions (Open Weight Purple Belt); Purple Belt being the highest rank at the competition. Our guys also took a great spread of medals between those ends of the spectrum with multiple Adult Gold Medals throughout White Belt and Blue Belt as well as Gold in Open Weight Blue Belt NoGi.
We don’t yet have the full medal tally for our ISOHEALTH’ers as there were too many to keep track of on the day but we do have the Gold Medal/State Champions list; so happy with ISOHEALTH’s 2013 BJJ State Championships performance.

  • Adult Purple Open Weight Gi: Gold
  • Adult Purple Open Weight NoGi: Gold
  • Adult Blue Open Weight NoGi: Gold
  • Adult Purple 85kg Gi: Gold
  • Adult Blue u85kg NoGi: Gold
  • Adult Blue u79kg NoGi: Gold
  • Adult Blue u79kg Gi: Gold
  • Adult White u91kg NoGi: Gold
  • Adult White u91kg Gi: Gold
  • Adult White u73kg NoGi: Gold
  • Adult White u73kg Gi: Gold
  • Adult White u61kg NoGi: Gold
  • Adult White u61kg Gi: Gold
  • Senior Open Weight Gi: Gold

Our ISOHEALTH’ers also secured a stack of Silver and Bronze (we don’t have a number on those yet). It was a terrific weekend and can say we were extremely happy with the performance of our ISOHEALTH BJJ team both on and off the mat!
It was especially exciting to see an ISOHEALTH’er win both of the two most prestigious divisions of the day with ISOHEALTH’s Craig Jones taking out Gold in Adult Purple Belt Open Weight Gi and Adult Purple Belt Open Weight NoGi, great job Craig!
ISOHEALTH’s Lachy Warne also achieved something truly amazing when he won every single match he entered via submission. This led Lachy to Gold in Adult Blue Belt 79kg Gi, Adult Blue Belt 79kg NoGi and Adult Blue Belt Open Weight NoGi. Lachy was also looking great on Saturday evening in the Open Weight Gi division (having won his first two rounds via submission) until being injured via an illegal move where medical staff decided it best for Lachy to withdraw from the rest of the Open Weight Gi division.
Well done to all who competed!

L-R: Ray Lawley-Sinclair, Lachlan Warne, Craig Jones

L-R: Ray Lawley-Sinclair, Lachlan Warne, Craig Jones

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