2013 AFBJJ-NSW State Championships – New South Wales, Australia

Jun 18th


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L - R: Craig Jones, Lachlan Warne

Bringing home the medals (left to right) Craig Jones & Lachlan Warne

Last weekend a couple of our ISOHEALTHer’s went over to News South Wales to compete in the AFBJJ-NSW State Championships. Lachy Warne and Craig Jones went over and both of them did great! Craig won double Gold taking out the Adult Purple Belt Under 79kg Gi division and the Adult Purple Belt Under 79kg NoGi division. Lachy won Bronze in the Adult Blue Belt Under 79kg division and then took Silver in Open Weight Adult Blue Belt Gi, Lachy lost the final by only 1 advantage to a huge beast of an opponent.

  • Craig Jones: Gold, Adult Purple Belt, 79kg Gi
  • Craig Jones: Gold, Adult Purple Belt, 79kg NoGi
  • Lachy Warne: Silver, Adult Blue Belt, Open Weight Gi
  • Lachy Warne: Bronze, Adult Blue Belt, Under 79kg Gi

Awesome work guys, you did us proud both on and off the mat as always! I’d also like to give a special shout out to my good mate Taree for looking after the guys so well while they were over there competing. Having mates when you are travelling always makes such a difference to how enjoyable the trip is. Thanks for looking after my boys Taree, legend!!!
See Craig @ the 2013 AFBJJ-NSW State Championships here

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