2012 AFBJJ-SA State Championship

Mar 25th


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The 2012 AFBJJ-SA State Championships proved to be a big event. Lots of teams, lots of people competing and lots of spectators, all of which is great to see! Our ISOHEALTH’ers performed extremely well and a few of our brand new Purple Belts put in some terrific performances to take Gold Medals in their time competing as Purple Belts (I awarded a few of the guys their Purple Belts just a couple of months ago with my coach Tiago “Tutuba” Ferreira signing off on them). The 2 day event ran extremely well but it was a very long weekend for some folks given the two full days of competition which had the days running roughly 8:30am-6:00pm on both Saturday and Sunday.
The weekend had plenty of great Jiu-Jitsu but also some great catch ups with one of my mates (Taree Guerrilla) coming over from Newcastle to compete and hang out. We also made some new friends from other states and it’s always great to see interstate people make the trip over to South Australia.
Our overall team performance was a good one but unfortunately we didn’t quite manage to secure the 1st Place Team Cup for three years in a row. 2010 and 2011 went very well for us and so did this weekend but we finished 2nd by a narrow margin to the combined force of Mildura/Extreme-Nova-Uniao and Broken Hill/Extreme-Nova-Uniao. We missed out by just a few medals so that was a bummer but the coaches from Mildura (Mick Maloney) and from Broken Hill (Stuart Brain) are both great blokes so it was a pleasure to share the podium with them even if I was on next step LOL!
Here are our ISOHEALTH’ers results (a special shout out to Kieran and Omar who medalled in a couple of the adult division while actually being eligible for Senior and Masters):

Adult White

    U61: Lewis Pierce, Bronze Gi
    U61: Josh Passa, Gold Gi
    U67: Dwayne, Silver, Gi
    U91: Ben Matthews, Bronze, Gi


Adult Blue

    U61: Alex, Silver, Gi
    U61: Alex, Gold, NoGi
    U67: Ray, Gold, Gi
    U67: Ray, Gold, Nogi
    U67: Jason H, Silver, Nogi
    U73: Craig, Gold, Gi
    U73: Nick, Silver, Gi
    U79: Lachy, Silver, Gi
    U79: Craig, Gold, Gi
    U79: Lachy, Silver, NoGi
    U79: Nae, Bronze, Gi
    U85: Adam, Silver, NoGi
    U91: Vas, Bronze, Gi
    U91: Pete, Bronze, NoGi
    U97: Dan, Silver, Gi
    Open Weight: NoGi, Lachy, Silver
    Over 97kg: Kieran, Gold, Gi
    Over 97kg: Dan, Silver, NoGi


Adult Purple

    U67: Lim, Silver, Gi
    U67: Tristan, Bronze, Gi
    U67: Lim, Silver, NoGi
    U73: Conway, Bronze, Gi
    U73: Conway, Gold, NoGi,


White Masters

    U73: Phil, Gold, Gi
    U73: Phil, Gold, NoGi
    U85: Mat Norman, Bronze, Gi
    U97: Josh H, Bronze, Gi
    U97: Josh H, Silver, NoGi
    Open White Gi: Josh H, Bronze


Blue Masters

    U79: Nae, Silver, NoGi
    U91: Troy, Gold, Gi
    Over 97: Kieran, Gold, NoGi
    Open Gi: Kieran, Gold
    Open Gi: Nae, Bronze
    Open NoGi: Kieran, Gold
    Open NoGi: Nae, Silver
    Open Gi: Nae, Bronze


Blue Senior

    Open Gi: Omar, Gold
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