2012 AFBJJ-SA Open

Sep 30th


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The 2012 AFBJJ-SA Open was one day event of BJJ and it was all in the Gi. The event was held at ETSA Park as per usual and it was a great day! It was an extra special day for me as my coach Tiago “Tutuba” Ferreira came down from the NSW Central Coast to spend the weekend with us. It is always great to have Tiago around and his passion for BJJ can only increase your enthusiasm for Jiu-Jitsu. We had a lot of great performances for the day and there were too many to be able to mention them all. I will however give a special mention to how excited we were to our guys doing so well in the Adult Open Weight divisions across White, Blue and Purple Belt. Of those 9 medals up for grabs 5 of them were taken by ISOHEALTH team members and that was especially exciting for us given that a few of those were relatively new to those divisions. Harry weighs only 67kg and managed to win Gold in Open Weight Adult White Belt, furthermore I believe that he won every match by submission so that was extremely impressive. Darren closed out the bracket with Harry to take Silver and Darren had also submitted all of his opponents only to succumb to Harry’s armbar in the Gold medal match. Our new Blue Belts Ben and Hayden took Silver and Bronze respectively in Adult Blue Belt Open Weight and Dominique Liddle took Bronze in Adult Purple Open Weight. Great job guys! Oh, and a special shout out to RayRay for again taking Gold while fighting up a weight division (just like he did when he took double Gold for Gi and NoGi at the State Championships). Ray only weighs about 58kg but fought up in the 67kg division at both the SA State Championships in March and again fought up in the 67kg division this last week gone by. He’s a little beast and as always he does with class and a great attitude to all those around him, at true champion and a great ambassador for the art of BJJ.
White Adult
U61: Dylan, Bronze
U67: Wang, Gold
U67: Harry, Bronze
U91: Darren, Silver
Open Weight: Harry, Gold
Open Weight: Darren, Silver

Adult Blue
U67: Ray, Gold
U79: Grebs, Silver
U85: Omar, Bronze
U91: Hayden, Gold
U91: Ben M, Silver
U97: Kieran, Silver
Open Weight: Ben, Silver
Open Weight: Hayden, Bronze

Adult Purple
U79: Craig, Bronze
Open Weight: Dom, Bronze

Masters White
U79: Phil, Silver

Masters Blue
Open Weight: Omar, Gold

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