2012 AFBJJ Pan-Pacific Championships

Nov 19th


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The 2012 AFBJJ Pan-Pacific Championships are the biggest and one of the most prestigious events in Australian BJJ. As such, people travel from all over Australia and beyond so naturally some of the most keen from the Adelaide BJJ scene make the trip over to Melbourne. Our ISOHEALTH contingent was excited about the event and among the many great aspects of the Pan-Pacs is the chance to see some of the world’s best in action (the great food in Melbourne is also a draw card LOL)!
Our guys put in some great performances with 3 of our relatively new Purple Belts (Mike Lim, Lachy Conway and Dom Liddle) all putting in medal winning performances in the Adult Purple Belt divisons.
Another couple of great performances were our boys Jordan “Bubbles” Crispin taking Bronze in Adult White Belt and Dave Wang taking Gold in Adult White Belt. A couple of our other guys had a pretty tough days but put in great performances, unfortunately they didn’t quite manage to pull a medal but they can be proud of how they did.
ISOHEALTH results for the 2012 Pan-Pacific BJJ Championships were:
– Gold, Adult White, Under 67kg, NoGi: Dave Wang
– Silver, Adult Purple, Under 61kg, NoGi : Mike Lim
– Silver, Adult Purple, Under 61kg, Gi: Mike Lim
– Bronze, Adult Purple, Under 79kg, Gi: Lachy Conway
– Bronze, Adult White, Under 91kg, NoGI: Jordan “Bubbles” Crispin
– Silver, Adult Purple, Over 97kg, Gi: Dom Liddle

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